CitizenObserver Web Based Alerting Toolset Summary

CitizenObserver is a web based notification toolset for law enforcement that enables citizens to receive and respond to text, email, and web alerts from your agency.
  • Alerts are received by citizens according to their preference of text message, email or both. There is no cost to the public to sign up to receive alerts.
  • Alerts are automatically posted to the web and are also published to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other web sites (your own website) automatically via RSS feed.
  • Automatic publishing of alerts to Google Maps enables Citizens to interact even more with your alerts.
  • The system enables the creation of custom public or private target groups, providing your agency with an additional tool to target information to those it's most relevant to.
  • CitizenObserver is the only notification system to offer inbound anonymous communications via text message or email. This technology enables you to engage in a real time two way "chat" with someone who wishes to provide important information to your agency.

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  • Instantaneous, proactive communication with the community
  • Helps reduce fear of crime in neighborhoods
  • Empowers your community to get involved
  • Enhances "Intelligence Led Policing" (ILP)
  • Proven to help close more cases.
  • No technical management or additional IT investments required on part of agency.
  • Secure, easy to use and cost effective.

What people are saying about CitizenObserver

"A phone tree can take hours and days. This, you can get in a matter of seconds."
Sgt. Eric E. Franz, Cincinnati Police Department

"Good communication is an element to keep our city safe."
Robert Dunford, Boston Police Superintendent